What to wear on a Date ft. Adore Me

Recently, I was happy when Adore Me reached out for a collaboration, and quite ecstatic to feature their product on my blog. It's been like forever since I posted a new entry. I admit I needed some inspiration before I decided to write again. Adore Me offers a perfectly fitted set of lovely lingerie you … Continue reading What to wear on a Date ft. Adore Me


All Grey Erthang

Aside from wearing all black as my less-hassle go-to-outfit look, I also used to love wearing all grey on my errands for a change. I have been wearing all grey outfits for several times now but didn't get the chance to photograph all my looks. Today while prepping myself to work, end up wearing all … Continue reading All Grey Erthang

I Wear Black, Because Why Not?

  I think I was born to wear Black. ❀ It’s a serious color that can be overwhelming if you wear it head to toe. There's just something about wearing black that I can't seem to explain why it made me feel so comfortable wearing em! TBH!.. I'm the type of person who loves to … Continue reading I Wear Black, Because Why Not?

Boyfriend’s Shirt, The New OOTD!

  Boyfriend's shirt has always been my favorite outfit. Srsly, This is not the first time that you'll see me wearing his shirt. Every time that I got tired of hunting what to wear for my OOTD, I would sneak into my boyfriend's closet and would look for something that I could possibly wear. πŸ˜› … Continue reading Boyfriend’s Shirt, The New OOTD!