Normcore Staple

"Normcore" is another way of describing the current 90s wardrobe revival. The word has dominated aggressively in the world of fashion last 2014. It's somehow one of the fashion staples that wasn't that hard to pull off, but a tricky style to master. However, take a look back at what your dads wearing from the … Continue reading Normcore Staple

Floral & Jumpsuit

Check out these mini visuals in our not-so-lit year-end shoot last December. Wearing the black overall jumpsuit which is a lovely present from my photog, style pile buddy, and also an independent blogger, Katrina. Not to mention the fact, that she really knew what I wanted to receive last Christmas! 😛 This present made feel … Continue reading Floral & Jumpsuit

Yacht Club Shenanigan

Did you ever have those dates with your friends that turned out to be a fun shoot session? Well, literally that was what happened to us last weekend. Met two of my friends in one fine restaurant at the west part of our town last Sunday where we planned to ate our lunch together and … Continue reading Yacht Club Shenanigan