Oversized Shit

If you're following my story on IG, you'd probably know I stated that I wouldn't be blogging about this me wearing an oversized shit, I mean shirt. LOL, well good thing I'm in the mood to write again cause you know I'm trying to pull myself out of the shell from being lazy-AF. It's been … Continue reading Oversized Shit


Shenanigan Lately

What's Up Dolls! You probably missed me! LMAO! I know, I know, it's been a while. So yeah! Allow me to share with you the shoot we did last summer. Who would've thought that straw hat and tote or wicker bag, would be the new must-have essentials we should probably own this year! I don't … Continue reading Shenanigan Lately

Nobody’s Child Wishlist

NOBODY'S CHILD is one of the fashion clothing I always look forward to, as they highlight unique pieces of wardrobe that would inspire you and would surely suit your style and aesthetic. So I thought of making a Wishlist and rounded up a few of my favorites. Here are the pieces I added to my … Continue reading Nobody’s Child Wishlist