Back to one of my favorite clothing ensembles which have been worn on many occasions and are often composed with black and white garments. The B A S I C. Forgetting about how cold the weather was from the last 2 weeks of soaking ourselves out in the rain if I'm not mistaken. Wishing the … Continue reading Basic



For many norms, when they hear about "Thrift Shop" or "Thrift Clothes", they think of preloved musty wardrobes that are currently out of styles, but most of the people who's used to shop at a high fashioned boutiques or at online don't know that there are also plethora of on-trend clothes that can be worn and … Continue reading Thrifted

Play It Cozy

This wardrobe apparently reminds me of my childhood. When my mom wants me to wear the lovely dress she got for me, but instead of wearing it, little me chose to pull off the jumper that was stuck in my wardrobe on our way to attend a mass and I just can't seem to forget how we … Continue reading Play It Cozy

I Wear Black, Because Why Not?

  I think I was born to wear Black. ❤ It’s a serious color that can be overwhelming if you wear it head to toe. There's just something about wearing black that I can't seem to explain why it made me feel so comfortable wearing em! TBH!.. I'm the type of person who loves to … Continue reading I Wear Black, Because Why Not?