Collab Yoins

Few days ago before my birthday, I was happy when Yoins reached out to me for a collaboration. This won't be a quite lengthy content, however, I'm doing my very best to create a simple and of course an honest review from the renowned shop. So yeah, If you love to buy clothes online, then … Continue reading Collab Yoins


Babe, She’s 24 πŸŽˆ

So, I'm another year older, huh?! Finally turned 24 last 3rd of September! Hell Yeah! Happy 24th birthday self. Stay awesome and eccentric! ya know that already! ( me talking to myself ) Gone on a dinner date with my hubby. Ended the night at The Park Social, boozin' till our eyes get f* lame. … Continue reading Babe, She’s 24 πŸŽˆ

Nobody’s Child Wishlist

NOBODY'S CHILD is one of the fashion clothing I always look forward to, as they highlight unique pieces of wardrobe that would inspire you and would surely suit your style and aesthetic. So I thought of making a Wishlist and rounded up a few of my favorites. Here are the pieces I added to my … Continue reading Nobody’s Child Wishlist

What to wear on a Date ft. Adore Me

Recently, I was happy when Adore Me reached out for a collaboration, and quite ecstatic to feature their product on my blog. It's been like forever since I posted a new entry. I admit I needed some inspiration before I decided to write again. Adore Me offers a perfectly fitted set of lovely lingerie you … Continue reading What to wear on a Date ft. Adore Me