Black On Holidaze πŸ’£

 Everyone in the neighborhood, including me, must be generally busy right now and to the days that will follow because the holiday season is in full swing. Everything you see at the stores or even at online is expected to be on a huge sale. How cool is that?! Shopping new clothes to wear on Christmas [...]


For many norms, when they hear about "Thrift Shop" or "Thrift Clothes", they think of preloved musty wardrobes that are currently out of styles, but most of the people who's used to shop at a high fashioned boutiques or at online don't know that there are also plethora of on-trend clothes that can be worn and [...]

Saltwater Heart: Handmade With Love

I’m lucky enough that I was given a chance to team up with SaltwaterHeart a Cebu-Based online shop that caters unique handmade accessories with love, featuring their inspiring and colorful handmade boho bracelet, statement chokers and of course their fashion necklaces and bangles. These ravishing accessories are their most promising product and just this last [...]

Weekend Therapy

Collaborating with some other brands whether it’s local or international, it's literally one of the ecstatic parts of being a content creator. As much as I didn't notice that I've been busy lately with my collab entries and as well as with my work in an online marketing agency, I'm happy to be finally back [...]

Aisle Style: Must Have Prom Dresses

Prom night is one of the most awaited occasions every teenager look forward to. Yep! Prom is the pinnacle event of a high school student’s life that teen girls will always feel ecstatic, intensified and extremely thrilled before the big night. The competition of having the best dress and the best date is tolerable at [...]