Another day, another blog. Honestly, I’ve got loads of photos that was totally stuck in my phone which I wanted to blog and share them with you guys, but I always end-up deciding “I’ll post it later“. If you’re following me on my IG Story, you would know that I keep on posting a teaser photo and putting up a caption “UP ON THE BLOG, SOON!“. Well, I’ve been thinking that I would, and I would really blog about em. Just give me time, man. Also, I feel bad that I can’t post a new content twice a week because I always get loaded that sometimes I binge watching social media stories until I fall asleep, oh wait is that an excuse? well, OFC. NOT!, and you’ll hate me for that.

So let’s go back to the post. This is something I have to deal with when I run out of poses to project in front of the camera and this is what I do. Y’all call it a Squatnish but I call it a POOP POSE, how cool is that?

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