Shirt Issa Life


Shirt is Life” does anyone know who made that quote? or it was just me who invented it? Idk man, Lmao! Yet, That line was pinned in my head since the day I was created. That, would probably one of my favorite quotes for sure and oh, just in case you didn’t know, I’m all about wearing shirts. Yes, S-H-I-R-T! I’m that type of girl who wears a shirt like most of the time, well, even atย work. S-H-I-R-T is a timeless piece of clothing that never goes out of style even your mum and dad wore the statement from their generation till now. If you’re that creative you would know how to style it without putting too much effort.

Maybe some of you guys would find it boring, then I’ll tell you “you’re totally wrong, man!“.


How Would I Style A Piece of Shirt?

Since I have a thing for vintage pieces, any type of shirt or digital tee can be worn out with a piece of high-waisted jeans, short and a skirt. Also, a flared jeans is a YES! Oh wait, you can also wear it with a belt, any kind of belt. For the footwear, you can either wear a sneakers, slides and a pair of mules. Add a little bit of a layering necklaces, and there you go! Thank you very much!


ย She Was Worthy Of A Love So Fierce

You Would Never Forget Her

– J. Raymond


Digital Tee – Lit & Co /ย  Ripped Jeans – Bershka

Old Skool – Vans / Tinted Sunnies – Veraniph


Photo by: morethalouise



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