Sweater weather is in the air obviously and when it comes to styling my outfits, I always tend to throw the comfiest clothes I could wear on my runways. Last week was all about crushing the color R-E-D, and luckily wore the red sweater which was bought a couple of years ago from a thrift store. It’s one of my favorite sweaters in my collection so far and finally able to wear it during the shoot. I then layered it with a dungaree short from H&M, and a pair of Bershka booties to complete the styling.




Before I forget, we all know that the waist bag or fanny pack has a story to tell, well, this statement is pretty much cemented itself in the fashion crowd. And we cannot blame the trendsetter Kendall Jenner for the statement. I think fanny packs are actually the coolest item you should literally own right now. Why? because they’re way more comfortable than you could ever imagine. Like you can store your phone, wallet, home keys and any other handy stuff inside the pack. It helps keep your belongings safe w/out any hassle, especially when you walk or travel to a crowded place.






What are your thoughts about my outfit? Excited to hear your feedback below.


Photo by: morethanlouise




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