Boyf’s Shirt 2.0 


If you ask me what other clothes I’m comfortable on wearing, my answer would probably when I pull off my boyfriend’s shirt. ( Srsly.. ) To those who followed my everyday story on my social media channel, You might already have guessed it! Or do I still have to mention that most of my shirts came from my other half’s closet? Well, wearing a boyfriend’s shirt won’t hurt nobody.

For those who remember, I made an article about “Boyfriend’s Shirt The New OOTD” see the post here. The good thing about it is that I and my boyfriend probably have the same taste of styles, especially that I’m a fan of wearing boy clothes. I always love the fact that I could somehow pull them off and that I feel comfortable wearing them. Without going any further, this mantra made me feel happy! Like, I don’t have to splurge myself out buying for some good shirts, I just have to wear my boyfriend’s. Not because I’m broke LMAO, I guess it’s a big help! ( indeed )




What I’m Wearing

Boyfriend’s Good Old Shirt
Black Culottes – Stylings
H&M Slip-On Shoes
Nike Cap – Explore Nike



Are you a fan of wearing your boyfriend’s shirt? Excited to hear your stories below!


Photo by: morethanlouise




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