Babe, She’s 24 🎈



So, I’m another year older, huh?! Finally turned 24 last 3rd of September! Hell Yeah! Happy 24th birthday self. Stay awesome and eccentric! ya know that already! ( me talking to myself )

Gone on a dinner date with my hubby. Ended the night at The Park Social, boozin’ till our eyes get f* lame. I just don’t want to be specific on what we I did during my birthday, but I really had fun! I’m slowly embracing to become one fine adult and this gets me chills. Cheers to another dauntless adventure in life!




Wha I’m Wearing

Ripped Skinny Jeans – Cotton On
 Nude Sheer Top – Local Online Shop
Oversize Nude Blazer – Local Online Shop
The Baxter – Sunnies Studios / Choker – Made it myself
Zip-up Ankle Boots – Bershka



47309c2a-70e5-4bd1-9010-49903401a7b5Before I forget, I just want to shout out a massive credit to all the lovely greetings and birthday wishes, It means a lot!

❤ ❤ ❤

Photo by: morethanlouise & katrinaisha




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