Shenanigan Lately


What’s Up Dolls! You probably missed me! LMAO! I know, I know, it’s been a while.

So yeah! Allow me to share with you the shoot we did last summer.

pinterest - jane birkin
Image source: Jane Birkin via Pinterest
Philadelphia Magazine
Image source: Philadelphia Magazine

Who would’ve thought that straw hat and tote or wicker bag, would be the new must-have essentials we should probably own this year! I don’t know if it’s just me. Well, have you gone through your feed lately? Fashion insiders and influencers are embracing one of the biggest handbag trends ever! The cutest trend we’ve seen in 2017, is inspired by Jane Birkin. In the late ’70’s, she was photographed all around Paris, with her woven basket. Cool Huh!?

You can see some of her photographs here.





What I’m Wearing:

Floral Patched Ripped Jeans by iStyle
ย Off-shoulder Top ย by iStyle
Vintage Leather Slide by Parisian
Brown Leather Belt by Forever21
Floral Handkerchief for my Headpiece
The Bianca by Sunnies Studios



The iconic look is somehow being reincarnated by Millennial nowadays. And you can now shop this trendy stuff at your nearest flagship stores like Prada, Zara and to some other brands. Mine was bought from downtown with a friend. These hand-made products were totally superb! They really are in such good quality and are proudly made by Cebuanos ( fresh from my hometown ).

This stuff reminds me of going to a picnic and or heading out to the beach. I was wearing an off the shoulder top to complete the classic look and a floral handkerchief that turns out to be my headpiece. Also, I fell in love with the jeans I was wearing + floral patches were lit!



How much do you like my outfit?

Excited to hear your thoughts below!

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