For many norms, when they hear about “Thrift Shop” or Thrift Clothes, they think of preloved musty wardrobes that are currently out of styles, but most of the people who’s used to shop at a high fashioned boutiques or at online don’t know that there are also plethora of on-trend clothes that can be worn and purchased for a much lesser price when hitting a thrift shop without breaking the bank. Probably, you can find different styles of clothes which are interesting and unique from top to bottom. It’s like you’re on a treasure hunt every time you visit the store and if you’re just open to searching for the clothes you covet then I’m 100% sure that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.


Honestly, there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you buy some goods from any consignment store or thrift store and just because you’re a sucker for a thrift shopping doesn’t mean you can’t afford to buy those branded ones.

Thrift shopping won’t hurt ( literally ) πŸ˜›





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So, I was actually wearing the top I bought from a Thrift Shop last weekend. The fabric was fine and still in good condition, perhaps there’s no reason why I shouldn’t buy it. I’ve been wanting to collect some neutral clothes as my wardrobe has been a collection of black and white garments and I was happy when I saw this olive green shirt hanged at the corner together with some other clothes that were originally priced at 60PHP. Luckily, I was able to haggle it for 50PHP and it’s quite a good deal, though. I thought of pairing it with a white mom washed jeans and a black cozy mandals to complement the vibe of my whole look. Hell yeah!, another basic OOTD for today’s entry. Let me know your stories about Thrift Shopping. Excited to hear your thoughts below!

What I’m Wearing

Olive Green Shirt – Thrifted

White Mom Washed Jeans – from Edwin Jeans

Mandals – from Cotton On

Choker x Non-Tarnished Ursula Inspired Necklace – from Saltwater Heart



26 thoughts on “Thrifted

  1. I love thrift shopping because I agree, you can find some really cool clothes and unique styles for cheap (or at the very least less expensive) but unfortunately I’m not the greatest at it haha. Plus the thrift stores in my area usually don’t have a lot, but I always try. You never know what you can find!

    Sam | My Beauty Cloud


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