Saltwater Heart: Handmade With Love


I’m lucky enough that I was given a chance to team up with SaltwaterHeart a Cebu-Based online shop that caters unique handmade accessories with love, featuring their inspiring and colorful handmade boho bracelet, statement chokers and of course their fashion necklaces and bangles. These ravishing accessories are their most promising product and just this last November 8, 2016, SaltwaterHeart celebrated their 1st year Anniversary, with that I’m happy to feature what’s behind the brand and what leads them to come up with this business.

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SaltwaterHeart is being managed by these creative millennials namely Aubrey, Dyna, and Claire. Aubrey and Dyna who always loved accessories that are embellished with beads and rustic pieces started making some for themselves. Their friends showed interest in wearing the pieces invited Aubrey and Dyna to also make some for them, so these mermaids thought of “Why not? We could earn a living by doing something we love”. Since then they got highly inspired in making more of the accessories. Dyna got the idea of starting the business with the help of his boyfriend and shared it with her friend Aubrey during their first surf trip in Samar last October 2015. After a hefty discussion, these mermaids started publishing their brand last November 2015 through online and later this month they became corporate together with their new mermaid partner Claire. They started creating handmade accessories but have been developing new products in the past few months. “Saltwater Heart” is a title of a song by one of the mermaid’s favorite bands, Switchfoot and behind the song are these salt water buddies bond with the love of surfing, skimboarding, and free diving. What motivates them is being able to create pieces that make beautiful ladies feel good and look good, make them want to create more.






What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

Be freely and creative, because there’s really no limits to our imagination. We also like the thing that we own our time and we can work virtually anywhere. Being an entrepreneur has its perks but it’s not a walk in the park. You have to work harder and spend more hours but at least, you do what you love to do.

What 3 Pieces of Advice would you give to our lovely readers who are interested in building up a business?

  • Patience Just like most of the other business, the online business can also start slow. However, it will need a lot of marketing and help from your family and friends but being patient with, reaps numerous amount of benefits.
  • Love – Do something that you love. Having a business that you are passionate about will make you happy and your happiness will always pass through to your customers through your products.
  • Share – Share your passion with people around you. Make your business matter because there’s more to it than just making money. It’s in how you are able to touch the lives of other people.





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In this digital savvy age we can no longer deny that there are lots of growing business online, however, these mermaids realized that most of the accessories were sold at the market are expensive and they knew that there’s potential in sharing these beautiful pieces online at a minimal price. Christmas is quite near already and if you guys still looking for a perfect gift for your loved ones and friends, it’s never too late for you to catch these budget-friendly pieces at SaltwaterHeart’s booth this coming December 16-17 Pop District Bazaar at Oakridge Pavilion or shop them goodies available only at

SaltwaterHeart Instagram @saltwaterheartph

SaltWaterHeart Facebook Page

Purchase 3 statement chokers + 1 boho bracelet don’t forget to use my code shaine@badhabits to get 10% discount. Hurry! Promo runs until the 31st of December.


This Article is Published in Partnership of Saltwater Heart



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