What People Think I Do Vs. What I really Do

What People Think I Do

Here’s what I’ve been longing to share with you guys. I find it funny and quite overwhelming when someone would ask me “What did you do lately?”. “Don’t you have any work?”, “Where did you work?”. “I always follow your post on Facebook and Instagram”. “You’re always online and always keep on updating stuff”. “What’s your work?”. Those questions are horrible and it annoys me sometimes. Like, literally they don’t have any idea that I’ve been working with an online marketing company for almost 8 months. This is my 2nd work and I didn’t share it with anyone because I just don’t feel like sharing it at all. But it’s quite a big deal to someone who doesn’t know about it except to the people who are close to me. It’s been awhile and I thinks it’s time for me to share with you “What Is My Work & What I Really Do”.


Why Did I Leave My Last Job

I remember those days when I was still working as a receptionist in a hotel. It was my very first work and I was there for almost 2 years! That work was memorable because it was closely connected to the course which I took in college ( Hospitality Management ). I didn’t leave the job because I felt underutilized or unappreciated. No, It’s definitely not the reason. We are all in good terms. I decided to leave because I wanted to further my career. I want to try new position ( we all crave for a new position ). And, I want to work in a place where I can contribute everything I am capable of doing. It took me a year to decide on leaving the job. The entire year that I had with them was fun and really great! I love my fellow colleagues and, leaving them was not that easy.

Things would somehow fall apart and I still have many plans to do in life. I always wanted to try new things. It was almost 2 months when I  still don’t have a job. Then a good friend of mine approached me. I really don’t have any idea that he was the project manager of the said work since we don’t hang out that much. He asked me if I would be interested in working with them which totally gives me a good vibe when I heard about it. I didn’t hesitate to answer but the thing is, ( this is probably new to me ) then, I told myself “Why not try and get this job. Nothing will lose anyway.” And, so I grabbed the opportunity to get the job. I felt very happy at that moment when they hired me without any doubt. I finally had a work after 2 months of waiting. It felt so ecstatic to be part of the team! 😀


What I Really Do

I’ll try to make the story short, cause I think I’ve been sharing too much! 😛 So basically, I’m working 8 hours as a blogger outreach and a content marketing specialist  in a UK-based Online Marketing Company. I took this job because it’s somehow the thing that I’ve been wanting to do. The smell of coffee in the morning and the music that keeps on streaming every day in the office, it gives me so much chill. Like, am I really working? What more can I ask for? When in fact, a good speed of internet connection is all I really need ( I’m not kidding! ). I can say that this is the most chill, coolest and so far the best job ever! I never regret anything on being a part of this team and I thank God for giving me the chance for taking me in this position.

Don’t be afraid to try something that’s new to you because there’s always room to learn, grow and improve. Thank you for taking your time reading this. Appreciate It! 😀


Have a great day ahead!



23 thoughts on “What People Think I Do Vs. What I really Do

  1. I applaud your ability to realize that you weren’t happy with the job you had previously (although being surrounded by amazing people is good – there’s more to a job than just the people!) It takes a lot of courage to up and quit and start something else completely out of the blue! Glad that you found something totally perfect for you! Congrats!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge


  2. You can definitely see your enthusiasm within the article you
    write. The sector hopes for more passionate writers
    like you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe.
    Always follow your heart.


  3. Yay! I just found out what you REALLY do and that seems like so much fun and something I’d consider doing myself. I’m thinking of a career change myself and it’s nice to come upon posts like these that are so encouraging and positive! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    x Joyce


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