I Wear Black, Because Why Not?


I Wear Black  Because Why Not?

I think I was born to wear Black. ❤ It’s a serious color that can be overwhelming if you wear it head to toe. There’s just something about wearing black that I can’t seem to explain why it made me feel so comfortable wearing em! TBH!.. I’m the type of person who loves to wear dark hues. But also loves wearing the color white ( it refreshes me).

Black or White, it’s either way. And, It’s strange to think when I do have lots of dark clothes in my closet than the colorful ones. When you get to see my closet, It’s like a collection of black and white garments. ( Oh, Please don’t laugh…) 😛

I’m sick of these quotes that say “Black is Not Sad, Black is Poetic” and

“She wears black but she has the most colorful Mind”

In many cases, black is used to represent bad people, mystery, or secrecy. In the Western world, many people wear black to funerals to show mourning. Somehow, wearing black does not always mean you are a product of a rebellious ish and does not always symbolize any of their negative thoughts. Just saying.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing black. I wear black, Because why not?

Black is my happy color! ❤

Some people just don’t understand the thought why most of us like to wear all black when indeed there are still lots of pretty colors to choose from. Some people find it weird and boring. But, seriously Idgaf. ( Laughs.. ) What’s with wearing black anyway. Pastels are the new color trend of the year but I’d still stick to wearing black! No worries, I’ll give some time to practice myself on wearing another hue. Chill guys, It’s just a color.

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Cheers to all the girls who loves to wear black clothes! Can’t wait to hear what’s on your mind about wearing em! Have a great day ahead! 🙂




24 thoughts on “I Wear Black, Because Why Not?

    1. haha indeed! wearing black is quite fun nd gives me chill. but, I’d still be interested on wearing some light hues in the future.

      Thanks for dropping, Rhea.
      I totally love everything you post on instagram. hope you could followback. cheers! 😘


  1. I love wearing black! It goes with everything and I’m very pale so it’s a nice contrast to my skin! Wearing white makes me look like a snowman! Haha


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