Boyfriend’s Shirt, The New OOTD!


Boyfiend’s Shirt The New OOTD

Boyfriend’s shirt has always been my favorite outfit. Srsly, This is not the first time that you’ll see me wearing his shirt. Every time that I got tired of hunting what to wear for my OOTD, I would sneak into my boyfriend’s closet and would look for something that I could possibly wear. πŸ˜› Since we live in the same house, that’s what I often do! ( laughs.. ) Hmmm. But, anyways you can just also ask your boyfriend to let you borrow his shirt. Then there would be a chance that your boyfriend will be the one to choose on what shirt you can wear in his closet. Good thing, there’s no need for you to worry!

Growing up, I’ve always like how I could wear boy clothes. There’s just something about wearing it. Like it could give you a whole new look and it allows you to reinvent yourself. Boyfriend’s shirt is the new OOTD! πŸ˜€

How to wear your Bae’s Shirt?

Basic Boyfriend’s Shirt + High-Waisted Jeans + Nike Free Run Shoes

Here’s a Quick Tip!

If you find his shirt loose, then try to tie it up. Bae’s shirt can easily be paired with high-waisted jeans or shorts. You can also wear the shirt without being tied-up and just pair it on to something you’re comfortable with. Don’t forget to match it with your favorite go-to footwear!

So what are you waiting for?! Β Make your boyfriend proud of you by simply wearing his shirt. I know most of the boys really love to see their girlfriend wearing what’s in their closet!

Thank me later! πŸ˜›



36 thoughts on “Boyfriend’s Shirt, The New OOTD!

  1. It’s just not fair that men’s clothing is more comfortable than ours. I love to steal clothes from the men in my life as well, and I remind them of the disparity (as an excuse for why I have to have an item, of course :P)


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